Living in a paradise

Living in a paradise
Where lairs rule the world
Where people say,
-What can i do to make a change.

Where democracy has two or three parties
Where Cops murder innocents
Where Kings and Queens are PR toys
Where Laws are too many
and made to protect the rulers
Where swords, guns and knifes are forbidden,
so they are not a threat to a ruling class
Where schools are run by teachers who obey the law
the laws where you are forbidden
to show human feelings
Where schools are made to learn
to walk in someone elses footsteps
Where you must be afraid of the god (dog)
Where dog soldiers
are using neckties as collars
Where pillory is a facebook
Where internet is the place
where you can find a life
of zeros and ones
Where u can backstab behind masks
Where forest is a place
to be cut down
so we can build us a life

Yes I live in a paradise,
but its not mine