Three bags

kolme laukkua

In short, Mort was one of those people who are more dangerous than a bag full of rattlesnakes.

He was determined to discover the underlying logic behind the universe… which was going to be hard, because there wasn’t one.

Terry Pratchett quote

Those bags are for sale if someone is interested, please send me a note

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Phoenix Jacket

Phoenix Jacket

This is my jacket I painted using acrylic colors, pens and gesso. Well, I call it a phoenix jacket. It is kind of tribute to different elements we are surrounded by and also salutation for ancient ones whom has dwell here on earth in past.
The idea in the painting is something like this. On the bottom red and orange area, the sun is being reborn in a shape of bird, green forest king is watching the show as the bird gives nutrients to the earth, birds middlefeathers has some negative colors marking it as a bird from other side, from death, middle parts of tale-feather are green in color sending touch of springtime to the earth, Venus and other planets. In top right there are some icy clouds and rain blowing changes with the wind, next to the space skull are other warmer winds blowing, changing the icy bird-feathers to warmer elements. Space skull is watching the show somewhere around milky way. Sucking or giving life to a sea ender the spaceskull.

All in all I painted it from the heart and I’m pleased about it.